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Apparel is available for the colleges of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, as well as general OU and OUHSC wear.

Sizes run from Small to XX-Large, Call for availability.

Med Okla Card Crew Open.jpg
Med Okla Grey Crew Open.jpg
Med Okla Oat Tee Open.jpg
Med Okla Grey Tee Open.jpg

Medicine Sweatshirts from Champion
Cardinal & Oxford Grey   $48.95


Medicine Tees Jersey Cotton
Oatmeal & Oxford Grey   $26.95

Classic Favorite From Champion!

Okla Pharm Gran Crew 2023.jpg
Okla Pharm Card Crew 2023.jpg
Okla Pharm Oat Tee 2023.jpg
Okla Pharm Card Tee 2023.jpg

 Pharmacy Crews Cardinal & Charcoal $48.95                         Tees  Cardinal & Oatmeal  $26.95    

Nursing Crew Card Circle.jpg
Nurs Gran Crew Circle.jpg
Nursing Tee Oxford Circle.jpg
Nurs Oat Tee Circle.jpg

 College of Nursing Sweatshirts Cardinal & Charcoal $48.95         Oatmeal & Grey Tees  $26.95

Nursing Crew Char 2023.jpg
Nursing Crew Oat 2023.jpg
Nursing LS Tee Denim 2023.jpg
Nursing LS Tee Oat 2023.jpg

Champion Nursing Crews Charcoal & Oatmeal $49.95   Long Sleeve Tees Denim & Oatmeal $32.95

Champion OUHSC Crews Granite & Cardinal $48.95  Tees $26.95

Okla Med Crew Char 2 clr.jpg
Med Crew Okla Oat 2clr.jpg
Okla Med Tee Oat 2 clr.jpg

Champion Medicine Crews Oatmeal & Granite $47.95  Tees Oatmeal & Navy $25.95

Col Med Card Crew Circle.jpg
Col Med Grey Tee Circle.jpg
Col Med Navy Tee Circle.jpg

Gear Medicine Crews Cardinal & Navy $54.95             Soft Tees Charcoal & Navy $32.95

Medicine Quarter Zip Charcoal.jpg
Medicine Polo Card.jpg

Medicine 1/4 Zip Oatmeal & Charcoal $68.95              Medicine Polos Cardinal & Black $58.95

Nursing Tee Oatmeal Oct23.jpg
Nursing Crew Grey Oct23.jpg
Nursing Crew Oatmeal Oct23.jpg
Nursing Crew Granite Oct23.jpg

Nursing Tee Oatmeal $26.95               Crews Heather Grey, Oatmeal & Granite  $48.95

Dentistry Crew Card Trad.jpg
Dentistry Crew Char Trad.jpg
Dentistry Tee Card Trad.jpg
DentistryTee Char Trad.jpg

Oklahoma Dentistry Crews Cardinal & Charcoal $39.95  Tees Cardinal & Charcoal $21.95

ComWash Pharm Crew Cayenne 23.jpg
ComWash Pharm Crew Parchmnt 23.jpg
ComWash Pharm Tee Anchor 23.jpg
ComWash Pharm Tee Parchmnt 23.jpg

Gear Pharmacy Crews Cayenne & Parchment $52.95           Tees Anchor Slate & Parchment  $28.95

OU Navy Full Zip Emb.jpg

Champion Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt,  Navy with OU Embroidery $68.95

Champion 1/4 Zip Pullovers Embroidery
Oatmeal & Granite   $68.95

Champion Full Zip Jacket w/Hood
Black Nylon, Water Resistant,
OU Embroidery $68.95

Traditional Champion Oklahoma Crews and Hoods

Okla Crew Oatmeal 2022.jpg
Okla Crew Grey II 2022.jpg

Champion Crew Neck Sweatshirt Oatmeal & Grey $39.95

Okla Hood Oatmeal 2022.jpg

Champion Classic Hood Oatmeal $49.95

Okla Reverse Wve 2022.jpg

Champion Reverse Weave Crewneck
Silver Grey, A Traditional Classic for Many Years  $59.95

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