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Apparel is available for the colleges of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, as well as general OU and OUHSC wear.

Sizes run from Small to XX-Large, Call for availability.

Med Okla Card Crew Open.jpg
Med Okla Grey Crew Open.jpg
Med Okla Oat Tee Open.jpg
Med Okla Grey Tee Open.jpg

Medicine Sweatshirts from Champion
Cardinal & Oxford Grey   $48.95


Medicine Tees Jersey Cotton
Oatmeal & Oxford Grey   $26.95

Classic Favorite From Champion!

Okla Pharm Gran Crew 2023.jpg
Okla Pharm Card Crew 2023.jpg
Okla Pharm Oat Tee 2023.jpg
Okla Pharm Card Tee 2023.jpg

 Pharmacy Crews Cardinal & Charcoal $48.95                         Tees  Cardinal & Oatmeal  $26.95    

Nursing Crew Card Circle.jpg
Nurs Gran Crew Circle.jpg
Nursing Tee Oxford Circle.jpg
Nurs Oat Tee Circle.jpg

 College of Nursing Sweatshirts Cardinal & Charcoal $48.95         Oatmeal & Grey Tees  $26.95

Nursing Crew Char 2023.jpg
Nursing Crew Oat 2023.jpg
Nursing LS Tee Denim 2023.jpg
Nursing LS Tee Oat 2023.jpg

Champion Nursing Crews Charcoal & Oatmeal $49.95   Long Sleeve Tees Denim & Oatmeal $32.95

Champion OUHSC Crews Granite & Cardinal $48.95  Tees $26.95

Okla Med Grey Crew Blk Card 2024.jpg
Okla Med Oat Crew Blk Card 2024.jpg
Okla Med Oat Tee Blk Card 2024.jpg
Okla Med White Tee Blk Card 2024.jpg

Champion Medicine Crews Oatmeal & Grey $46.95  Tees Oatmeal & White $24.95

Col Med Card Crew Circle.jpg
Col Med Grey Tee Circle.jpg
Col Med Navy Tee Circle.jpg

Gear Medicine Crews Cardinal & Navy $54.95             Soft Tees Charcoal & Navy $32.95

Medicine Quarter Zip Charcoal.jpg
Medicine Polo Card.jpg

Medicine 1/4 Zip Oatmeal & Charcoal $68.95              Medicine Polos Cardinal & Black $58.95

Nursing Tee Oatmeal Oct23.jpg
Nursing Crew Grey Oct23.jpg
Nursing Crew Oatmeal Oct23.jpg
Nursing Crew Granite Oct23.jpg

Nursing Tee Oatmeal $26.95               Crews Heather Grey, Oatmeal & Granite  $48.95

Dentistry Crew Card Trad.jpg
Dentistry Crew Char Trad.jpg
Dentistry Tee Card Trad.jpg
DentistryTee Char Trad.jpg

Oklahoma Dentistry Crews Cardinal & Charcoal $39.95  Tees Cardinal & Charcoal $21.95

Dentistry Crew Oat 2 color 2024.jpg
Dentistry Crew Char 2 color 2024.jpg
Dentistry Tee Oat 2 color 2024.jpg
Dentistry Tee Grey 2 color 2024.jpg

Champion Dentistry Crews Oatmeal & Charcoal $46.95        Tees Oatmeal & Oxford Grey  $24.95

OU Navy Full Zip Emb.jpg

Champion Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt,  Navy with OU Embroidery $68.95

Champion 1/4 Zip Pullovers Embroidery
Oatmeal & Granite   $68.95

Champion Full Zip Jacket w/Hood
Black Nylon, Water Resistant,
OU Embroidery $68.95

Traditional Champion Oklahoma Crews and Hoods

Okla Crew Oatmeal 2022.jpg
Okla Crew Grey II 2022.jpg

Champion Crew Neck Sweatshirt Oatmeal & Grey $39.95

Okla Hood Oatmeal 2022.jpg

Champion Classic Hood Oatmeal $49.95

Okla Reverse Wve 2022.jpg

Champion Reverse Weave Crewneck
Silver Grey, A Traditional Classic for Many Years  $59.95

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