3M Littmann

Cardiology IV
Cardio 6152 Black.webp
Colors Black, Navy, Hunter Green, Plum & Raspberry, all with Stainless Chestpiece  $219.95
Rose Pink & Burgundy  $219.95
Black/Black $249.95
Rainbow/Black $249.95
Black/Smoke $259.95
Classic III
Black, Grey, Navy, Caribbean Blue & Burgundy, all with Stainless Chestpiece  $109.95
Ceil Blue, Pearl Pink, Raspberry, Plum & Lavender, all with Stainless Chestpiece  $109.95
Turquoise/Stainless $109.95   Black/Black,      Raspberry/Rainbow,     Black/Rainbow,     Black/Smoke, all $119.95
Electronic Stethoscopes

The Littmann 3200 can Record and Save Patient Soundtracks.  Features Bluetooth Techology with Ambient Noise Reduction and Sound Amplification up to 24X.

                      Black, Navy & Burgundy (all special order)
 3200 is being discontinued by Littmann. Price according to availablity.
Black Only  $296.95
Black & Rainbow   $334.95

The Littmann Core Digital connects to Eko software to visualize heart sound waveforms.  Up to 40X Amplification and Noise Cancellation features.  Toggle between Analog and Amplified listening.

Master Cardiology
Black/Stainless Chestpiece $264.95
Black/Black Chestpiece $278.95
Black/Smoke Chestpiece $278.95
Colors below are discontinued.  We have while supplies last.
Burgundy, Hunter Green & Plum $234.95  Sale $189.99
Master Classic II    Closeout Specials
Black/Black Chestpiece $119.95
                       Sale Price $ 79.99
Black, Burgundy & Navy with Polished Alloy Chestpiece $113.95
                                                                               Sale Price $ 69.99
Classic II Infant & Pediatric
Black Tubing/Alloy Chestpiece Infant $102.95
Black & Red Tubing/Alloy Pediatric $102.95
Lightweight II
Black, Burgundy, Caribbean Blue, Ceil & Pearl Pink, all with Composite Chestpiece  $59.95

ADC Stethoscopes

Adscope 601 Cardiology
Black, Burgundy, Grey & Navy, all with Stainless Steel Chestpiece  $139.99
Tactical Black/Black Chestpiece  $149.99
Adscope 603 Clinician
Black, Burgundy and Light Blue, all with Stainless Steel Chestpiece  $57.99
Navy and Turquoise with Stainless Steel Chestpiece $57.99        Tactical Black/Black Chestpiece  $59.99
ADC Adscope 658 Electronic
Black and Grey Electronic, Exceptional Features at a Great Price!  $269.95
ADC Proscopes, Lightweight General Exam Scopes
Black 660 Nurse Scope  $6.95
Black and Blue 670 Dual Head Scope  $6.95