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Welch Allyn Diagnostics

Welch Allyn 71-SM2CXX         (was 97250-MC)  $989.95
3.5V Coaxial Diagnostic Set with Otoscope & Convertible Handle
Welch Allyn 71-SM2LXU                                 (was 97200-MSL  $1075.95
3.5V Coaxial Diagnostic Set with
LED Lamp, Throat Illuminator & Lithium Handle
Welch Allyn 12821  $339.95
2.5V Pocket Opthalmoscope
Halogen with AA Battery Handle
Welch Allyn 92821   $549.95
2.5V PocketScope Diagnostic Set with AA Batteries & Soft Case

Welch Allyn DS44-11C   $67.95
DuraShock Aneroid Adult Cuff with Case

ADC Blood Pressure Cuffs

ProSphyg 760  Pocket Aneroid Sphyg  Black, Burgundy, Royal Blue & Navy  All $34.95
ADC's most popular aneroid, the 760 is the model of choice for demanding institutions. Six sizes from infant to large adult as well as thigh.
760 Series Child Size $30.95
775 Economy Aneroid Navy $24.95
770 Most Economical in Grey $24.95
Advantage 6021N Digital BP Monitor $61.95
Advantage 6015N Wrist Digital BP Monitor $43.95

Combination Stethoscope & Sphygmo

Pro's Combo II DH  Pocket Aneroid/Scope Kit w/Case  Black & Burgundy  $42.95

ADC Pulse Oximeters

Diagnostix 2100 Feature Rich Professional Oximeter With Spot Readings of SP02 & Heart Rate  $79.95
Advantage 2200 for Home, Sport, Aviation $56.95

ADC Otoscopes/Opthalmoscopes

Diagnostix 5112N Single Handle Opthalmoscope
Full Features With Hard Case  $152.95
Diagnostix 5111N Single Handle Otoscope
Full Features With Hard Case  $124.95
Diagnostix 5110N Double Handle Otoscope/Opthal
Pocket Set with Hard Case  $244.95
Diagnostix 5110E Single Handle Otoscope/Opthal
Pocket Set with Hard Case  $199.95
ProScope 5210 Portable Single Handle Otoscope/Opthalmoscope Combo
With a Hard Case and More Budget Friendly Price.  $179.95


ADC 433 Non-Contact Pistol Grip
2 Second Readings  $55.95
Veridian 09348 Touch Free $49.95
ADC Adtemp 413B Digital  $7.95
Prestige DT-29 Non-Contact  $49.95
Prestige Non-Contact Mini  S39.95
Veridian 09330 Temple Touch $21.95
ADC Adtemp 427 Temple Touch $15.95
Veridian 08359 9 Second Digital $8.95

Tuning Forks

128 hz and 256 hz Tuning Forks $15.95
512 hz and 1024 hz Tuning Fork $10.95

Neurological Hammers

Taylor Hammer  Black, Red, Royal Blue  $4.95
Tactical Black  $5.95
Tromner Hammer 8.5"  $12.95
Wartenberg Pinwheel 7.5"  $14.95
Buck Hammer 7.5"  $8.95
Queen's Square Hammer 12.25"  $10.95
Babinski Hammer w/Concealed Needle 8.5" $14.95

Diagnostic Penlights

Adlite Plus Disposable Penlight White & Black $2.95
Metalite Aluminum Body in Silver & White w/Pupil $5.95
Adlite Plus Disposable White w/Pupil Gauge  $2.95
Metalite II Aluminum Body, All Colors Have Pupil Gauge, LED Lamp  $5.95
Adlite Pro, Our Finest Pocket Penlight, LED Lamp,
Brass Housing with Black Matte Finish,
Convenient Storage Case  $22.95
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